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The entries on this website list all possible derivatives, compounds, and related combinations (excluding –ly adverbs) from both non-learner’s (Lexico) and advanced learner’s dictionaries (CALD, OALD). Information about word origins is extracted from the Oxford Dictionary of Word Origins, Lexico, Online Etymology Dictionary, and Wordorigins.


Both press and print (Middle English) can be traced back to Latin premere, ‘to press’, as can pressure, compress, depress, express, impress, oppress, repress, suppress, etc.


Mid 19th century (earlier (Middle English) as juxtaposition ): from French juxtaposer, from Latin juxta ‘next’ + French poser ‘to place’.


Early 17th century (in the senses ‘harmonize discrepancies’ and ‘assess loss or damages’): from obsolete French adjuster, from Old French ajoster ‘to approximate’, based on Latin ad– ‘to’ + juxta ‘near’.

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